19 August 2019
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General Surgery and Gastroenterology is a large directorate with an array of expertise in a wide range of sub-disciplines. Click the links below to view the services we offer within each of them.

Breast Surgery | Cancer Surgery | Colorectal Surgery | Upper GI Bariatrics

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Breast Surgery

Breast surgery encompasses a variety of procedures, from mastectomy to reconstruction. Led by Alan Jewkes, our breast surgeons undertake a variety of surgical tasks, providing care to patients with a range of complaints.

Specialising in providing high quality care in plastic reconstructive surgery and elsewhere, the breast surgery subspecialty enjoys the services of highly qualified surgeons with access to excellent facilities.

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Cancer Surgery

Cancer surgery is the process of repairing or removing a part of the patient's body in order to diagnose or treat cancer. It has a variety of applications, from prevention to the relief of symptoms, and may be carried out in conjunction with other cancer treatments or as the only course, pending consultation and evaluation.

Providing a range of surgical procedures from biopsy to debulking, and offering them as primary treatment or otherwise, the cancer surgery sub-speciality at the Heart of England Trust consists of a team of experienced professionals supplying care to patients from within the Trust's area and beyond. There is a focus on leading the patient through the process, including counselling options and excellent links with community support groups.

The surgery sub-speciality's primary focus, of course, is on providing superb surgical care. From exploratory staging surgery to full tumour removal, the cancer surgery sub-speciality is a flexible, dedicate team offering a depth and breadth of surgical care.

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Colorectal Surgery

Colorectal surgery concerns itself with treatment of conditions of the colon and rectum. The Heart of England NHS Trust's colorectal sub-speciality therefore deals with problems including inflammatory bowel disease, colonic endoscopy, and colonic neoplasms (including cancer and polyps). Offering a particular focus on high quality surgical treatment, the colorectal sub-speciality consists of a team of highly trained professionals with access to the latest facilities and research.

Also offering surgical solutions to problems caused by diverticultis and injury, obstruction, or ischemia, the colorectal sub-speciality offers patients from both within and outside the Trust's area a very high standard of surgical expertise, and knowledge, and makes use of the Trust's wide range of facilities and deep commitment to further investment.

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Upper GI Bariatrics

Bariatric Surgery describes the procedures involved in combating obesity and weight gain via the modification of the gastrointestinal tract. It is increasingly used in the cases of patients who have tried other weight loss regimes and programmes and failed to sufficiently reduce their body weight to acceptable levels. The Heart of England NHS Trust is at the forefront of developing Upper GI Bariatrics, and has a team skilled in the various procedures associated with the treatment.

These procedures may involve the creation of malabsorption to reduce stomach size, vertical banded gastroplasty, which staples a section of the stomach to then serve as the new stomach, and adjustable gastric banding, which achieves the same non-permanent result through the use of a silicon band. Mixed procedures are also an option, and the bariatrics sub-speciality tailors treatment to each referred case.

The Upper Gastrointestinal team at Heart of England Trust are at the forefront of their specialism, and enjoy considerable investment in their research and facilities.

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Associated with the General Surgery department across the Heart of England NHS Trust's four Birmingham hospitals, the Gastroenterology team specialise in treating disorders and diseases of the digestive system. The Gastroenterology team provides rapid access for urgent upper and lower GI cases, and accepts referrals from both within and outside the Trust's area.

In addition, the team supply endoscopy and upper GI bleeding services, in addition to a special gastroenterology nurse service for Chronic Bowel Disease at Heartlands and a jaundice assessment team. There are also outpatient services and same day reporting for endoscopies.

The combined medical and surgical ward care provided by the Gastroenterology team is comprehensive and well equipped both by its staff and facilities. Operating along agreed clinical management guidelines, the Gastroenterology speciality works with primary care practitioners to ensure patients are provided with the precise care they need, when they need it.

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General Surgery

General Surgery is a medical speciality focussing on the abdominal organs, including the oesophagus, stomach, colon, liver, gallbladder and bile ducts, the thyroid gland. At the Heart of England NHS Trust, the traditional scope of general surgery – which also encompassed breast surgery, upper GI surgery, and colorectal surgery, has been devolved to sub-specialities focussing exclusively on their area of care. Across the four hospitals of the Trust, however, our general surgeons, heading by Mr Misra Budhoo, continue to have particular responsibility for the abdominal region.

Offering surgical services to patients within and beyond the Trust's area of responsibility, Heartlands' general surgeons work with primary care practitioners to ensure patients receive the care their condition requires. With excellent facilities and superb, highly qualified and experienced, staff, the General Surgery department of the trust, and all of its sub-specialities, operate across all four of the Trust's Birmingham hospitals.

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